Joanna Williams


Dr Joanna Williams is an author, commentator and the associate editor of Spiked. Joanna’s latest book is Women Vs Feminism: Why we all need liberating from the gender wars (Emerald, 2017). She talks about it here.

Joanna is also the author of Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016) which she talks about here and Consuming Higher Education Why Learning Can’t Be Bought (Bloomsbury, 2012). She co-edited  Why Academic Freedom Matters (Civitas, 2016).

Joanna writes and speaks about feminism, academic freedom and education. Her writing has been published in numerous publications including The Spectator, The Sun, The Telegraph and the Daily Mail. Please support my work.

Women vs Feminism


Claire Fox:

“For those of us who’ve been involved in fighting for women’s liberation for years, it has been tragic to watch contemporary feminism become the enemy of freedom. Do not despair. Joanna Williams’s wonderful book not only uses erudition, philosophy and polemics to explain how on earth this betrayal has happened but more importantly it is a bravura clarion call urging women to throw off the shackles of hapless victimhood and instead take control of their destiny. I loved every word.”

Christina Hoff Sommers:

“Women vs Feminism is a superb exposé of today’s victim feminism. It tells the story of how a once valiant movement for equality and freedom devolved into a male-bashing grievance-fest. This meticulously researched book will drive the gender activists crazy–and delight those who care about truth, rules of evidence, and genuine liberation.”

Feminism today does women no favours and it’s time we were all liberated from the gender wars.

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