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Fourth Wave Feminism: why no one escapes

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Sex after #MeToo

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Six Months in, #MeToo Has Become Infantilizing and Authoritarian

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Make wolf whistling a hate crime? How patronising towards women

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Tackling the gender pay gap could leave us all worse off

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Feminists used to fight for women’s rights… now they’re putting darts girls out of a job – but applauding naked women in Vogue

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#MeToo in an age of heterophobia

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Older feminists aren’t lobotomised – today’s young women should show respect

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Why men are being wrongly accused of rape

Woman culture in Brazil

Feminism social issues in Brazil

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The ‘new suffragettes’ are nothing of the sort

Spectator, 30th December 2017

Feminism is holding women back

Medium, 7th December 2017

Time magazine’s person of the year tells us much about 2017

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We are more than our gender

Telegraph, 10th November 2017

Feminists are telling young women the workplace is hell. That is deeply irresponsible

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When sexual harassment is defined so broadly it becomes meaningless

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Feminists vs Women

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Panicking about sexual harassment is bad for women

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Harassment in the House of Commons? Calm down

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Censorious feminism ultimately backfires

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The #MeToo movement reveals feminism’s obsession with victimhood

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We need to talk about transgenderism

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Michelle Obama insults the intelligence of women voters

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Don’t gender neutralise our kids

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The UK’s proposed Gender Recognition Bill privileges individual feelings above objective reality

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The BBC sisterhood has made the ultimate sacrifice – and asked for a pay rise

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Who cares about the BBC gender pay gap?

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After Manchester, The cowardice of feminists

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No, mothers are not making their daughters mentally ill

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Jess Phillips: an establishment feminist

The Spectator, 23rd February 2017

The post-fact world suits feminism just fine

The Spectator, 25th January 2017

The pocket money gap is an ‘alternative fact’

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Women’s March: The right way to tackle Trump?

The Spectator, 4th January 2017

The ‘Women’s March’ on Washington is a protest against democracy

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The tyranny of ‘ze’ 

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The prison-house of gender

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The campus rape panic demeans women

Quillette, 4th October 2016

Why are rates of mental illness soaring among young women?

The Spectator, 2nd August 2016

Saatchi’s sexism row suggests feminists can’t handle debate

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Labour’s Woman Problem

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The feminist witch hunting of Andrea Leadsom

Conservative Woman, 20th June 2016

The rape culture narrative does no one any favours

Times Higher Education, 16th June 2016

Gender pay gap: keep the ‘pity payments’

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Why feminists are so down on sex

The Telegraph, 19th April 2016

That teenagers are driven by ‘sexually charged behaviour’ is hardly revelatory – moral crusaders are creating the panic

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The gender pay gap is dead

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The make-believe world of child-abuse campaigners

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Oppression one-upmanship: men’s rights versus victim feminism

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Pay-gap politics: bad for men and women

The Erotic Review, 10th October 2015

Ministry of Fear – sexual consent classes

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Rise of the Supernanny Feminists

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Regulating Sex: The fear of intimacy

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No, science does not have a ‘woman problem’

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Meet the feminists who don’t like women

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Why not let kids walk home alone?

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The gender pay gap is a myth – so why do so many buy it?

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‘Why I’m standing up for men’

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Global gender gap: Equality is overrated

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University: Lads, blokes and jocks not welcome

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Cut the crap about the gender pay gap