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Education can set kids free

Briefings for Brexit, 5th May 2018

Learning to Love the EU

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Universities must offer a more inspiring concept of education if they want to stop contract cheating

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Anything goes, How sex education became a free-for-all

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You can’t measure the financial worth of knowledge

BERA, 31st October 2017

Why we all need liberating from education’s gender war

Times Higher Education, 26th October 2017

Tolerance and Dissent within Education: On Cultivating Debate and Understanding, by Nuraan Davids and Yusef Waghid

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Education: a radical tradition

The Telegraph, 3rd October 2017

Murray Edwards’ decision to accept transgender students threatens its very purpose: to provide a unique space for women to flourish

The Spectator, 30th September 2017

Patronising working class students won’t make universities more inclusive

James G. Martin Center, 5th July 2017

How colleges themselves bring about racial protest

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The fees debate is degrading education

Huffington Post, 23rd June 2017

The Teaching Excellence Framework will make university teaching worse

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Turning education into welfare

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Girls’ Literature: There’s no such thing

Open Democracy, 1st March 2017

The ‘decolonise the curriculum’ movement re-racialises knowledge

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Let’s abandon sex education

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University isn’t about satisfaction

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The year education went explicitly political

Spectator, 21st November 2016

Why did the government ban Milo Yiannopoulos from my sons’ school?

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Students’ temper tantrums over Trump

Times Literary Supplement, 12th October 2016

Racial Awareness

Heat Street, 22nd September 2016

Students are being pushed into harmful ‘sexual consent’ classes

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Grammar Schools: We need knowledge not nostalgia

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University: Forget what it costs, what’s it for?

Times Higher Education, 30th June 2016

Is there a problem with academic integrity?

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After Brexit: academics need to get out more

Times Higher Education, 27th June 2016

Brexit: A PhD does not make your vote, or your opinion, worth more

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The new segregation on campus

Times Higher Education, 16th May 2016

The HE White Paper could bring ‘Ofsted tyranny’ to universities

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The campus mental health myth

The Telegraph, 3rd May 2016

Kids’ strike: Parents, teachers and Government must stop exploiting children for political gain – tests are meant to be difficult

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How the EU strangles scholarship

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Knowledge matters

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Academisation: neither kill nor cure

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Baseline tests for four year olds will only entrench low expectations

Times Higher Education, 11th February 2016

It’s no surprise if men decide university isn’t for them

The Telegraph, 2nd February 2016

‘Cameron’s focus on race in discussions about university inequality is misplaced’

 Spiked, 15th January 2016

Universities must challenge not conform

Times Higher Education, 6th November 2015

Higher Education Green Paper: what it means for teaching

Times Higher Education, 8th October 2015

Book Review: Revolution in Higher Education by Richard A. DeMillo

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Time to reclaim the classroom

The Guardian, 13th August 2015

The National Student Survey should be abolished before it does any more harm

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Putting teaching at the heart of the system is bad for higher education

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Who cares what colour philosophers are?

 Blog, 27th April 2015

Is there anything worth celebrating in higher education?

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Why the yearning for grammar schools?

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Conditioning kids to have state-approved sex

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Fees, philistinism and the future of higher education

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Teaching: It’s about what you know

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We need to open the academic mind

Times Higher Education, 16th October 2014

Education and satisfaction are antithetical

Times Higher Education, 18th September 2014

Review of Reshaping the University: The Rise of the Regulated Market in Higher Education

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Tackling the reading gap

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It’s time to end this phoney education war

The Guardian, 19th August 2014

Clearing: an unedifying spectacle of unis going cap-in-hand to students

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It’s time to scrap OFSTED